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Air conditioning Hawkesbury by All Inclusive Air Conditioning have been meeting the Air Conditioning needs of all of our customers for over 15 years. We specialise in Air conditioning Hawkesbury and surrounding areas. so what ever your query is why not contact us to see if we can help.


Air Conditioning Hawkesbury my story 

Hi, my name is Jason from All Inclusive Air Conditioning. Let me begin by telling you a little about myself. I arrived in Australia with my family when I was 15 years old. I had struggled in school, having been diagnosed with dyslexia, so rather than continuing with school in Australia, I moved into the workforce, where I began an apprenticeship in air conditioning and refrigeration.
During high school, I was told I was the worst student a teacher had ever had. This left me feeling like I had something to prove. Spurred on, I started my Tafe course with a positive attitude. My teacher however, didn't have the same enthusiasm. He told me I would not last 2 weeks but I was determined. Despite failing 1st year, and needing to repeat, I kept at it. Determined to succeed.

It was then, I started a role with Hawkesbury refrigeration. This allowed me to learn both air conditioning and refrigeration at the same time. I found this far simpler, as I now had hands on experience in both fields. From failing 1st year, I passed 15 straight subjects all the way through to graduation.

Upon gaining my licence, I moved into super-market refrigeration. A running joke, was that I received no call backs for jobs because people could not read my hand writing! The truth was, I didn't receive call backs, because refrigeration and air-conditioning was something I loved to do, and was superb at!

The company lost its contracts with the super-markets unfortunately, and I, along with others, was made redundant. That was the Friday. By the Monday morning, I had purchased a van and went out on my own. I was 22.

I'm now 32, and I'll be the first to admit, it's been a hell of a journey. Plenty of ups and downs. There have been times I've struggled to get the phone to ring. But I've been persistent, landing large contracts, including one with Vodafone, looking after their air-conditioned service rooms. Contracts come and go, however, and you need to be smart about your next moves. Tax can pile up, and you can fall behind. I know this from personal experience. However, I'm now debt-free and in a stable financial position.

My dedication and persistence carry over into my personal life. I began playing cricket at 19, and despite those around me telling me I wasn't good enough, I dared to dream. By training harder than everyone else, I put myself in a position no one thought was possible. I was in the training squad for Penrith Cricket Club in the Sydney Grade Competition.

This came at a cost, however. I'd pushed my body too far. They diagnosed me with 2 fractures in my lower back at the L4 and the L5. The doctors believed I would never play again.

Devastated, but determined, I remained positive, and not give up on my dreams. After months of working on my core strength and patiently waiting for the fracture to heal, I played again. Training even harder. And it paid off. From not playing the game at all at 19, to breaking my back, I found myself not only playing the game but playing for Hawkesbury in the Sydney Grade competition. And not just representing them at that, but doing so with some success. After being selected in 5th grade, I was promoted to the 4th grade side, resulting in being mentioned in the Hawkesbury Gazette.

Sadly though, another injury struck. This time with my shoulder. To the point I was dislocating it each time I threw a ball. I had to give cricket away. But I couldn’t do nothing, I had to be involved in sport in some way.

Enter golf.

I set goals in everything I do. Golf was no exception. I wanted to shoot even par. My first few scores were a long way off even. But it determined me. I trained, I researched, I worked on not just my physical game, but my mental game as well. I learnt a lot about myself during this process. After 4 years, I did shoot even par.

You cannot let people hold you back. You should never say "can't." Anything is possible. All you need to do is dare to dream and see things through. Give your all, and you will be rewarded.





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