Split system Hawkesbury


Split system Hawkesbury by All Inclusive Air Conditioning have been meeting the needs of all of our customers for over 15 years. Need a split system Hawkesbury or a split system Hawkesbury installation or maybe just a split system Hawkesbury service or surrounding areas no problem see how we can help you today.


Actron split system supply Hawkesbury


Why Actron you might ask, well lets start with the superior operating range, most overseas Air Conditioners are only designed with a maximum operating range of only 43 to 46 Celsius. The Actron Serene system operates at ambient conditions of up to 50 Celsius, this is a big deal because around your Air conditioner in direct sunlight the ambient temp can get up to this no problem in Australia.

Actron serene units use DC inverter technology, some other brands use AC inverter technology this can have a big impact on your Electricity bill with ever climbing Electricity bills why would you settle for anything less.


A Split system is a wall-hung Air Conditioner that is designed to Air condition a single room. Need an Air conditioning unit service, or a split system supply Hawkesbury or maybe you just need a split system installed in the Hawkesbury or surrounding Hawkesbury area no problem contact All Inclusive Air conditioning today.

  • We supply Actron Split system Hawkesbury and surrounding areas the most reliable and best quality Air conditioners to meet our customer's needs.
  • We also install all types of Split systems that our customers have already purchased.
  • We can even install 2nd hand Air conditioning as well.

So why not contact All Inclusive Air conditioning to discuss your air conditioning needs?